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How to Stay Positive - Ten Top Tips for Boosting Positivity
  1. Adopt an attitude of gratitude – at the end of each day / week write a list of the positive things (however small) you have experienced during that time. This encourages you to be grateful for the small things that you may not usually notice.

  2. Talk to people – the more people you meet the more opportunities you are creating for yourself. If you are looking to change jobs or to meet a new partner you cannot expect it to happen if you are sitting on the sofa watching TV. You have to make the effort – strike up conversations on the bus, train, in the supermarket checkout. You will be surprised at what happens.

  3. Talk to yourself! Your brain responds to the 'inner voice' you use to talk to yourself. If your inner voice is constantly critical or moaning then your behavior will be negative. A positive attitude starts with positive thoughts.

  4. Develop new interests – research has shown that people with hobbies are less stressed and happier than those without. Instead of saying "I wish I could dance / cook / sing" make a decision to learn!

  5. Adopt positive body language it is almost impossible to feel positive when sitting slumped at your desk, head in hands. Changing your body language to an alert upright posture will help change your mindset.

  6. Take exercise it produces 'feel good' chemicals which your body and brain respond to positively. You might even make new friends this way.

  7. Say 'yes' more often instead of automatically rejecting opportunities that come your way say 'yes' to something different. It might be trying a new restaurant, working on a new project, making a presentation or just volunteering for something that nobody else wants to do. We usually regret the opportunities that we didn't take in life rather than those we did.

  8. Give people feedback if you admire the way your boss managed a particular project tell them – don't just tell everyone else. If you are appreciative of the work a colleague has done for you, tell them. Likewise it is important to let people know when you are not so happy with things so that they have the chance to put them right.

  9. Surround yourself with positive people there are certain people who boost your energy and others who drain it away. Make a decision to be in the positive crowd, limit spending time with 'energy drainers' who just depress and exhaust you.

  10. Set goals and reward yourself when you have achieved them. If the goals appear too daunting and far-off break them down into bite-size chunks to make them more achievable.

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