Newsletter - Learning Matters - No.23

Selling in a tough market

When the market is tough we need to maximise our chances of winning and keeping business. This often means reviewing our sales model, targeting our marketing activities and sharpening up the skills of our salespeople.

Here are our top tips for meeting the demands of today's marketplace:

  • Encourage a sales culture in the entire organisation, from the person answering the phone right through to the warehouse and delivery team. Everyone who comes into contact with potential customers will make an impression so make sure it's a good one!

  • Work on the personal relationships you have built up with your customers - they are often the reason why people choose you over your competitors

  • Offer 'added value' to your existing customers - think about the extras that cost you little or nothing but can make a big difference to the customer

  • Be prepared for likely objections and train the sales team to answer them confidently

  • Ensure everyone in your organisation knows your unique selling points - i.e. what makes you different from your competitors

  • Continually motivate the sales team - offer feedback, support, coaching to focus on their strengths and maximise performance

  • Focus your time and activities on the areas with the highest pay-off

  • Ask every one of your satisfied customers to refer you to another potential customer and call them

If you would like to talk to us about a sales audit or sales training for your team please call us on (0118) 987 5683

Learning Curve - Reading, Berkshire, England: +44 (0)118 987 5683

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