Newsletter - Learning Matters - No.21

Planning for Success

Improving Performance through 'Two Minute Coaching'

Coaching does not have to be a lengthy and time consuming process.

Sometimes it just takes a few well-placed questions to open up new ways of thinking and generate creative ideas.

We have all heard of one minute management - now let's have a look at two minute coaching! Two minute coaching is ideal for people learning new skills and tasks, or for those who need to find new ways of carrying out their tasks.

The principle behind two minute coaching is that in just two minutes we can enable an individual to evaluate and improve their own performance and/or behaviours.

The two minute coaching model can be used for self-evaluation (i.e. you can ask yourself the questions) or with someone you are coaching, mentoring, managing or training.

Two Minute Coaching

When conducting Two Minute Coaching do ensure that you:

  • Make your questions open rather than closed
  • Listen carefully to the answers
  • Use positive and open body language
  • End the session on a positive note
  • Keep the discussion objective and non-judgemental
  • The Two Minute Coaching Model

The following questions are based on the acronym 'GOLD'.

Goal:  What was your goal for this task? (i.e. what did you intend to achieve?) - this question can also be asked before the task is performed, i.e. what IS your goal for this task?
Outcome:  What did you actually achieve? (at this point a discussion may arise around the reason why any variance occurred)
Learn:  What did you learn? (positive and negative)
Different:  What will you do differently next time? (in some situations it is appropriate to document these objectives)

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