Newsletter - Learning Matters - No.11

Our Top Ten Motivators

Many people find it difficult to 'get going' again after the festive season and so January is a good time to refresh our motivation skills and ensure we are on the right track for the year ahead.

Learning Curve Leadership Skills and Management workshops help people to motivate themselves and to focus on the right areas for their team members.

The following Top Ten Motivators will help you concentrate your efforts and inspire your team.

  1. Goals are motivating
  2. Set goals and help people to reach them. Once a goal has been achieved it is no longer motivating and needs to be replaced with another goal. Goals need to be SMART and regularly reviewed

  3. Involve people
  4. When people are involved they find it hard to be indifferent. Involvement encourages people to take ownership

  5. Be an enthusiastic leader
  6. A leader who manages his / her team with energy and enthusiasm is more likely to inspire them to action

  7. Success is motivating
  8. Show people how they can achieve success in their work and they will be motivated to achieve even better results for themselves

  9. Give praise and recognition
  10. People need to know what they are doing well and be rewarded for their efforts

  11. Show an interest in people
  12. Delegate
  13. Effective delegation helps people to develop and grow

  14. Consult your team
  15. Use the skills and knowledge of the people around you - it makes them feel wanted and important

  16. Lead by example
  17. Be the best manager you can be - set your standards high and people will follow

  18. Give regular feedback
  19. Have formal and informal session with your team so that they know how they are doing and in what ways they could improve. Ask for feedback on your own management skills and act on it

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