Newsletter - Learning Matters - No.10

The Ten Steps of Team Building

Follow the guide below if you are starting up a new team or restructuring an existing team.

  1. Identify what functions your team should have
  2. What is the role of the team
    What tasks will need to be undertaken
    How will performance be measured?

  3. Define the type of team you will need
  4. How many people
    What capabilities are required
    Will a close team be needed?

  5. Construct a vision of an ideal team in your head
  6. What abilities will be needed
    What mix of personalities
    What blend of experience is desirable?

  7. Analyse current team strengths and weaknesses
  8. What are the skills, abilities and personality types of current members
    What do you consider to be the development potential of current team members?

  9. Identify the capability gap
  10. What abilities are missing or insufficiently present
    What personality types and/or team roles are missing or insufficiently present?

  11. Build your team
  12. How can you acquire missing capabilities
    What leadership style is appropriate
    What needs to be done to train and indoctrinate team members to your values and standards
    How can you build a positive climate
    What type and frequency of meetings are needed?

  13. Establish team working
  14. How can objectives be clarified and communicated
    What are the priorities
    Are there team blockages to be resolved
    What needs to be done to ensure that team members feel satisfied and are developing their skills
    What needs to be done to steer the team through the stages of team building?

  15. Integrate with other teams
  16. What teams should your team work with
    How can common objectives be clarified
    What can be done to improve collaboration?

  17. Maintain the team
  18. How can you diagnose current team effectiveness
    Do you need to go off-site to take stock
    How can success be celebrated?

  19. Review performance regularly
  20. What procedures do you have in place for reviewing performance?
    How will these reviews take place?

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