Newsletter - Learning Matters - No.9

Accelerated Learning

Learning Curve training workshops successfully use many of the principles of Acclerated Learning to make training messages stick.

Accelerated learning is also known as brain friendly learning because it is based on research that shows us how the brain works to store and retrieve information.

It is compatible with the way your brain works, making learning more natural and therefore easier.

Accelerated learning principles can be used many different types of work situations, not just training.

Below are some tips and hints on using accelerated learning in your workplace.

  1. People like to be involved
  2. A key part of learning is to let people 'have a go', but in a way that suits their own learning style. Whilst some people will enjoy demonstrating a new skill to a group, others will prefer to quietly work it through on their own.

  3. Use all the senses
  4. The more senses you can appeal to in any learning situation, the greater retention will be. For example:

    Visual Posters, handouts, cartoons, lots of colour, slides
    Auditory Audio tapes, music, spoken exercises / discussion
    Kinesthetic Role play, participative group exercises, shaking hands / pat on the back, use of training toys, interactive workbooks or practical exercises
    Gustatory (taste) Sweets, biscuits, drinks on tables
    Olfactory (smell) Sweets, coffee / tea, use of lemon smells to sharpen senses or lavender to relax

  5. Repetition helps make messages stick
  6. This can be achieved either at a conscious or an unconscious level - for example asking people to do or say the same thing repeatedly becomes a habit.

  7. Physical activity helps Learning
  8. For maximum retention of information learners need to use both sides of their brains and physical activity can help this. Try getting people to throw and catch a ball with their 'wrong' hand whilst reviewing what they have learnt!

  9. Having fun is vital
  10. Research has shown that people learn more quickly and more fully when they are enjoying themselves. If learners are in a state of enjoyment and mental stimulation they are more likely to retain key messages

  11. Competition stimulates learning
  12. Next time you hold a team meeting or training session include a quick quiz with a small prize for the winner. You will be surprised at how much information people take in when they know there is a reward at the end!

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