Newsletter - Learning Matters - No.4

Ten Top Tips for Effective Time Management

The way in which you use your time is more telling than how much time you have. Some people are very active but not very effective! In Learning Curve's Time Management workshops we encourage people to identify their biggest 'Time Thieves' and discuss ways of dealing with them.

  1. Allocate a specific slot of uninterrupted time each week to complete tasks behind closed doors
  2. Always set and agree an agenda at the start of each telephone call you make
  3. Do you attend meetings out of habit? Do you need to attend? Could you join by phone or be briefed by another attendee afterwards?
  4. Prioritise your tasks: DO it, DIARY it, DELEGATE it, or DUMP it. Ask yourself two things: how important is it? How urgent is it?
  5. Use travelling time and waiting time to plan your day/ week/ month and run through scenarios in your head
  6. At the start of each day ask: What can I do today that will make the biggest difference?
  7. Have a simple daily list and stick to it
  8. Read emails at specific times of the day, not as they come in
  9. Choose the most time-efficient way of communicating - is email really quicker? Would it be less time-consuming to pick up the phone and make a quick call?
  10. To avoid constant interruptions consider moving your desk to a less accessible position. Remove the visitors chair. Stand up when people approach your desk

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